Volunteers and Students

CommuniCare Health Centers would not be the healthcare provider it is today without the interest, support and dedication of volunteers. In 1972, CommuniCare Health Centers began as an all-volunteer organization and it continues to welcome and value contributions of many volunteer health care providers, student interns, and community volunteers at all levels of the organization.

What our volunteers are saying:

“There are many skills that are useful, volunteer to do something you like. And if you have time, do it!”

Dean Wheeler, Volunteer Spanish Interpreter


Dean Wheeler, Volunteer Spanish Interpreter

“Being a part of CommuniCare changed my view of what I want to do in the future. I had never thought I would enjoy working in the medical field so much until I realized that what I ultimately want to do is to make a positive impact, and I found that at CommuniCare.”

Sam Tsoi, Data Programmer Intern


Sam Tsoi, Data Programmer Intern

Opportunities include:

There are many wonderful ways to volunteer at CommuniCare!

    • Medical Back Office: Medical records, administrative tasks, phone calls.
    • Clinical Chart Reviews: Quality improvement projects utilizing Electronic Medical Records.
    • Interpreting and Translating: Spoken or written language assistance for patients in primary care, behavioral health, perinatal, dental, and patient education.
    • Teen Clinic: Reproductive health counseling to teen patients.
    • Health Promotion: Patient navigation (for guidance to patients as they move through the health care system), community engagement, patient education, and special projects.
    • Behavioral Health: Administrative support.
    • Prenatal: Interpreting and translating, nutrition, outreach and community event support, and administrative support.
    • Medical Scribe: Electronic Medical Record support during patient appointments (type medical appointment notes). Must have previous scribe experience.
    • Patient Care*: Must be a currently licensed provider in good standing (e.g. MD, DO, PA, NP, DDS, Dental Hygienist, RN or other licensed professional).
      (See below for more information about Healthcare Professionals and Student & Clinical Rotation applications)
    • Human Resources: Employee filing, scanning, department packets, volunteer services support, training and orientation preparation.
    • Data: Data analytics projects in Behavioral Health, Dental, Prenatal and Primary Care (Programming in SQL, R, Python, etc.)
    • Marketing & Communications: Social media, photography, writing, computer design, fundraising.
    • Finance: Filing, scanning and special projects.
    • Auditing: Auditing procedures and reviewing compliance policies and manuals.

NOTE: Clinic shadowing is not available to new volunteer applicants due to busy clinical rotation schedules; clinic shadowing may be requested after 6 months of volunteering.

COMPLETE APPLICATION to find out if there is a match available for you.
Apply here!

Email your completed application to: Volunteer@communicarehc.org
Your application will be reviewed for current openings; volunteer openings/opportunities frequently change!

* Health Care Professionals

Positions that require credentialing: MD/DO/PA/NP/DDS/CNM) DO NOT COMPLETE volunteer application above; please submit CV/resume to: Volunteer@communicarehc.org or mail to Volunteer Services, CommuniCare Health Centers, P.O. Box 1260, Davis, CA 95617.

* Student and Clinical Rotations

DO NOT COMPLETE volunteer application above; please submit CV/resume along with your rotation requirements (hours, dates and qualifying preceptors) to:  Volunteer@communicarehc.org or mail to Volunteer Services, CommuniCare Health Centers, P.O. Box 1260, Davis, CA 95617.